The Social Media addiction

Gone are the days of secrets. Social media is now more intresting than reality. You don’t have or want to meet anybody in person anymore. Every aspect of a person’s life is now on Facebook or Twitter from the time the person wakes up to the time the person goes to sleep. 

People upload themselves painting their finger and toenails, cooking, traveling, having a crisis in life or even attending a funeral. Social media addiction is everybody’s story now.

Mumbai-based Prashant Gautam Nanaware is a typical example. “I take pictures of everything, including food, and post things online instantly,” says the 30-year-old communication consultant who has Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and WhatsApp on his phone, with all the notifications always on. Even his travelling is full of clicking, “instagramming”, and responding to incoming messages. “What’s an off time? My phone’s on my bedside when I sleep; when I wake up, I see my notifications first. And I like it when my photos and posts get likes or comments,” he says. Recently, while watching Baahubali: The Conclusion, he did a live movie review on Twitter. When he participated in the Mumbai Marathon last year, he ran a Facebook Live session while running. He carries a full power bank and a charger for his OnePlusX and is online for almost 15 hours every day. “Social media has taken me over,” he says. 

Source: Livemint

A female tourist visiting Australia has put a new spin on taking a long walk off a short pier. She was so intent on checking Facebook that she plunged straight into chilly waters of Port Phillip Bay. Fortunately for her there were witnesses who quickly alerted the police.

Not only was this particular tourist completely unaware of her surroundings — she also reportedly couldn’t swim. Luckily for her, Port Philip is quite shallow for the most part, and she wound up just 60 feet away from the pier where she was quickly rescued and taken to a local hospital.

The most surprising part? She didn’t lose her phone. Even though she couldn’t swim and the water temperature was around freezing, she clung tightly to her precious mobile during the whole ordeal


Sushma Goswami, 24, of India became addicted with Facebook that she spends hours in front of her computer every day checking out the site. When confronted by her parents of this issue she locked herself in her room and was found hanging from a ceiling fan the next morning.
Source: ikream

Larry Carlat used to be a happy man having a wife and being an editor at a famous men’s magazine. This changed once he got addicted to Twitter. He describes his tweeting habit as “every hour on the hour, day and night.” When given the choice between deleting his Twitter account or losing his job he chose to keep Twitter. A month later he lost his wife after tweeting “I would’ve taken a bullet for my wife, but now I’d rather be the one pulling the trigger.”
Source: ikream

Images source: random


63 thoughts on “The Social Media addiction

  1. This is so true. I limit myself to a morning and evening session wishing happy birthday, congrats on the new job and that sort of thing. It’s really sad that people are so hooked to these things that they just can’t live a life anymore. Your picture depicting the couple staring at their phones at dinner is exactly what I see every time I frequent a restaurant. It’s absolutely crazy…

    Great post…

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    1. Yes we should.. Even i m trying to but i m so much addicted to my phone that at times i hurt people unknowingly specially my mom whom i pay no attention at all when she is talking to me. So i m trying to limit social media as much as i can.

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      1. Hey!!! I read on my fone kindle too . and my fone reads back to me too. Reason being convinient , no space needed and I can change size of font… But I am hardly on social media.. Never if I am having a conversation with someone.. I prefer real people

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      2. I totally agree with you shalini.. but what i m trying to say is that children nowadays have accounts in Facebook, apps like BAIJU’S have taken over maths physics biology books.


      3. I like baiju because I don’t think I paid much attention when I was studying.. Hehehe. But on a serious note, I agree. I see kids with Xbox phone iPad play station and believe me, I don’t know how to use any other than some apps on my fone

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  2. Nowadays the world is a little drop in the vast sea of the social media. Excellent work… You said it😊
    But brw… Can i ask you something… Are you addicted to social medias or not?……. Just kidding,simply asked…hope you’ll thake it in that way and aswer me😉

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    1. 😟🙇 I m way too much addicted to social media dear. I wake up and the first thing i do is check for updates and notifications. I m online while eating working jogging and yes ofcourse when i m doing nothing. It has taken over me. I m trying desperately to overcome this addiction but i guess it’s not working.. I guess i have to put more effort.
      What about you radhika?

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      1. Kepp working… U’l get it. Its not only ur problem, but the most people are working hard to get out the bondage of the media ring around them…

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  3. My pleasure, Shyamal. I discovered to overcome any addiction, one must focus on another project. I write lists and force myself to do the things I must do and allocate so much time for social media. Enjoy and blessings to you for sharing an excellent post, MG.

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  4. Very well written, and quite true sadly. Sometimes we forget how much we love the ones close to us and put this addiction above them. On a lighter note,Check out my writing and tell me what you think! your feedback will be quite helpful 🙂

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  5. A great post! This is a very prevalent issue in this day and age, especially because we are constantly surrounded by technology so most of the times we don’t even realise we’re addicted. It’s scary hearing about all the accidents people get into because they’re so immersed looking at their phone screens!

    While social media has many benefits like allowing us to instantly connect with others and broadening our views of the world, it has also made our society more antisocial, as depicted in your pictures. We need to learn how to engage in meaningful face-to-face interactions again, away from the interruptions of our phones and constant social media notifications.

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