Queen of The Dark..

Beauty comes in all shape and sizes – isn’t it.

Now you must have heard about kim kardashian and Brittany Spears but have you ever heard about Nyakim Gatwech popularly known as “Queen of the Dark”.

Nyakim Gatwech is a  24-year-old South Sudanese model born with a dark complexion. She belongs to a country where people are born with extremely dark color skin tone and bright teeths. In a generation where people are going gaga over skin brightening creams and beauty regimes, Naykim proudly flaunts her ulta dark complexion. 

With a witty sense of humour and strong messages Nyakim or Black Barbie as she calls herself is inspiring people across the world.


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23 thoughts on “Queen of The Dark..

  1. Hii Shyamal,
    I was overjoyed to see you followed my blog. However, I have not blogged at Reflections in two years. I’d be delighted if you’d follow me to my current blog, http://mostlyblogging.com.
    I am currently having a blog party. I hope you will come. The link will get you to my current blog, Mostly Blogging:
    I know people here by the way. I know Lis and I think I saw Dominique.
    In response to what you wrote, I agree. Beauty does come in all shapes and sizes and forms.
    Your photos of the woman are stunning.
    I’ll see you at http://mostlyblogging.com.

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  2. Hi again Shyamal,
    I like the cracked egg in your graphic header. It goes with your blog name.
    I am genuinely sorry for this confusion in my blog sites. I was so pleased to see you. I do have a redirect in place. I don’t know why it didn’t work. The link to my party should get you to the right blog.

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